What does Foursquare mean?

What does the Foursquare name and Logo mean?


The name Foursquare stands for the fourfold ministry of Jesus Christ:
He is the Saviour & Healer of Mankind;
He baptiser’s His Church with the Holy Spirit;
He will return a second time as the King of  Kings.

Foursquare is a biblical term used of the tabernacle in the book of *Exodus, the temple of the Lord in *Ezekiel and of Heaven in *Revelation. The term “Foursquare Gospel” was coined by Amiee Semple McPherson during a campaign in Oakland, California in 1922 and represents that which is equally balanced on all sides, established and enduring. Mrs Mckiel’s vision of the four faces (man, lion, ox and eagle) as being symbolic of the four major phases of Christ’s gospel.

Foursquare in WA

The church of the Foursquare Gospel in Australia has been operating in Western Australia since 1953.The West Australian church is a part of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (ICFG) which was founded by American evangelist Amiee Semple McPherson in 1923. Foursquare is word used in the Bible to indicate something that is equally balanced on all sides, established and enduring. In 2011 the Foursquare Church had a worldwide membership of nearly 8 million, with over 50,000 churches in 123 countries. In Western Australia, there are currently 17 Foursquare churches with approximately 1,000 members. The first Foursquare church in Western Australia was established in 1953 by Elmer and Jean Darnall who were sent by the Foursquare Gospel headquarters in Los Angeles. From its inception, Foursquare W.A. has supported overseas missions taking teams and individuals to cities and remote communities all over the world. Foursquare in Papua New Guinea was established in 1956 by Mason Hughes along with missionaries that were sent from Western Australia along with considerable financial support. New Guinea is now a national church with over 1000 churches and WA Foursquare churches continue to support missions. Currently, we provide some support to the churches in Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Solomon Islands, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, South Africa and Zimbabwe.


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